[quote cite=”Simon”]
I have lived in St. Louis for only five years, but the St. Louis Centennial Beer Festival was by far one of the funnest and best memories that I’ve had while here. In a city that loves great beer you would be a fool to miss out on this!

[quote cite=”Clint”]
My wife and I went to the 2nd annual Centennial Beer Festival at Moulin last night. I just wanted to let you and all the vendors and event planners know that we had the time of our lives. As a beer snob, I could not have imagined a better experience. We went with a couple of friends and we are so glad that we went!

The beer selection was absolutely amazing, it was so awesome to get to try all the beers that I have always wanted to try but just didn’t have the time or money. My friend and I also paid the for the VIP room tasting, AWESOME! The vendors were all so knowledgeable and there were some truly epic beers available.

The venue was fantastic. The staff was all friendly and helpful as well. I really like that you had brats, BBQ, and fish and chips all for the very reasonable price of $5! The live music was fabulous as well.

I just wanted to write this e-mail to thank you and yours for providing me with one of the best nights of my life, no joke. I sincerely hope that there is another festival next year and that you guys don’t change a thing! I will definitely bring a bunch of my beer snob friends next year!
[quote cite=”Erin”]
…On another note, my husband attended the Beer festival on Saturday with some‚Ä®friends and had a fantastic (maybe too fantastic) time. You throw great‚Ä®parties.