Beer & Brewery List-This will change

February 21, 2016

Beer & Brewery List-This will change

At this point we are counting 37 local & regional breweries, more than 80 domestic & international breweries for more than 225 beers in the general tasting and another 40+ High gravity beers in the VIP.  We are still looking in our cellar to expand the VIP rooms menu even more.

Dinner is sold out and the weekend is getting close so don’t wait.  Cheers.

Anchor Steam 1st Floor
Angry Orchard Variety Pack 1st Floor
Avery Ellies Brown Ale 1st Floor
Avery White Rascal 1st Floor
Avery Avery Lilikoi Kepolo 1st Floor
Ballast Point Sculpin 1st Floor
Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin 1st Floor
Ballast Point Mango Even Keel 1st Floor
Bells Porter 1st Floor
Bells Oarsman-Berlinerweiss 1st Floor
Bells Two Hearted Ale IPA 1st Floor
Big Sky Mixer 1st Floor
Bitburger Pilsner 1st Floor
Blue Moon Seasonal Mixer 1st Floor
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter 1st Floor
Delirium Tremens 1st Floor
Deschutes Pine Drop 1st Floor
Deschutes Black Butte 1st Floor
Deschutes Red Chair 1st Floor
Duvel Duvel 1st Floor
Evil Twin Gose 1st Floor
Evil Twin Imperial Black & Tan 1st Floor
Firestone Walker Double Jack 1st Floor
Firestone Walker Union Jack 1st Floor
Firestone Walker Pivo Pils 1st Floor
Founders Dirty Bastard 1st Floor
Founders All CAN 1st Floor
Free State Mix 1st Floor
Free State Backus Barley Wine 1st Floor
Genesee Cream Ale 1st Floor
Great Divide Big Show Variety 1st Floor
Great Divide Candemonium Brewer’s Sampler 1st Floor
Hebrew A Trois Ipa 1st Floor
Henry’s-Miller Hard Orange Soda 1st Floor
Henry’s-Miller Hard Ginger Ale 1st Floor
Hoegaarden White 1st Floor
Hofbrau Original Helles 1st Floor
Kostritzer Schwartzbier 1st Floor
Kraftig Regular 1st Floor
Kraftig Light 1st Floor
Kronenbourg Kronenbourg 1664 4/6Pk – 11.2Z 1st Floor
Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin 1st Floor
Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown 1st Floor
Lagunitas IPA 1st Floor
Lagunitas Cappucino Stout 1st Floor
Lakefront New Grist-Gluten Free 1st Floor
Leffe Blonde 1st Floor
Leffe Brun 1st Floor
Left Hand Sawtooth ESB 1st Floor
Left Hand Polestar Pilsner 1st Floor
Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout 1st Floor
MDV-Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock 1st Floor
MDV-Westmalle Trappist TRIPEL 1st Floor
Moosehead Radler 1st Floor
New Belgium Citradelic 1st Floor
New Belgium Hoppy Blonde 1st Floor
New Belgium Rampant 1st Floor
New Belgium Glutiny Pale Ale 1st Floor
New Belgium Folley Seasonal Pack 1st Floor
New Holland Sampler 1st Floor
North Coast Puck Petite 1st Floor
North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner 1st Floor
Not your Fathers Root Beer 1st Floor
Not your Fathers Ginger Beer 1st Floor
Odell Mixer 1st Floor
Ommegang Rosetta 1st Floor
Oskar Blues Can Sampler 1st Floor
Oskar Blues IPA 1st Floor
Pilsner Urquell Pilsner 1st Floor
Rogue Hazelnut Brown 1st Floor
Sam Adams White Nitro 1st Floor
Sam Adams Coffee Stout Nitro 1st Floor
Sam Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA 1st Floor
Santa Fe Adobe Igloo Winter Warmer 1st Floor
Santa Fe Java Stout 1st Floor
Seattle Cider Dry 6/4Pk Canl 1st Floor
Seattle Cider Semi Sweet 1st Floor
Shiner Birthday Beer-Hoppy Blonde 1st Floor
Sierra Nevada Tropical IPA 1st Floor
Sierra Nevada Ortho vez Berliner-weiss 1st Floor
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 1st Floor
Ska Mandarina 1st Floor
Ska Sampler 1st Floor
Stella Cidre 1st Floor
Stiegel Grapefruit 1st Floor
Stillwater Saison/Farmhouse 1st Floor
Stillwater Belgian Stout 1st Floor
Stone Variety 2/12Pk 1st Floor
Stone Deliicious IPA 1st Floor
Stone IPA 1st Floor
Sudwerk Farmer’s Market Gose 1st Floor
Sudwerk California Dropped Hop Lager 1st Floor
Theresianer Lager 1st Floor
Theresianer Pilsner 1st Floor
Two Brothers Domain Dupage 1st Floor
Two Brothers Wobble Ipa 1st Floor
Uinta Black Lager 1st Floor
Weihenstephan Vitus 1st Floor
Woodchuck Brewer’s Pack 1st Floor
Woodchuck Gumption 1st Floor
2nd Shift-Saturday only Art of Nerosis 2nd Floor
2nd Shift-Saturday Only Katy 2nd Floor
AB Pilot Brewer Hollywood-West Coast IPA 2nd Floor
AB Pilot Brewer Train Day Stout 2nd Floor
Alpha Belgian IPA 2nd Floor
Alpha Belgian Tart Blond 2nd Floor
Alpha Saison 2nd Floor
Anheuser Busch Best Damn Root Beer 2nd Floor
Anheuser Bush-Bud Light Margarita Watermelon 2nd Floor
Anheuser Bush-Shocktop Pretzel 2nd Floor
Anheuser Bush-Shocktop Razz 2nd Floor
Anheuser Bush-Shocktop Apple 2nd Floor
Augusta Imperial Stout Mokka 2nd Floor
Augusta Hefeweizen 2nd Floor
Big Muddy India Pale Ale 2nd Floor
Big Muddy Sweet Stout w/ Madagascar Vanilla 2nd Floor
Big Muddy Spiced Winter Ale 2nd Floor
Boulevard Heavy Lifting 2nd Floor
Boulevard Early Riser Coffee Porter 2nd Floor
Boulevard Telltale Tart 2nd Floor
Boulevard Wheat 2nd Floor
Broadway Honey Wheat 2nd Floor
Broadway Porter 2nd Floor
Broadway IPA 2nd Floor
Carson’s American Wheat 2nd Floor
Carson’s Russian Imperial Stout 2nd Floor
Carson’s Red IPA 2nd Floor
Cathedral Square Hail Mary 2nd Floor
Cathedral Square Repent Rye 2nd Floor
Cathedral Square Holy Moly 2nd Floor
Charleville Karate Kicks Coffee Stout 2nd Floor
Charleville Tornado Alley 2nd Floor
Charleville Half Wit 2nd Floor
Charleville Hoptimistic 2nd Floor
Crown Valley Blackberry Cider 2nd Floor
Crown Valley Gunslinger Double IPA 2nd Floor
Crown Valley Farmhouse Lager 2nd Floor
Excel Eastside IPA 2nd Floor
Excel Lefty’s Lager 2nd Floor
Excel Southside Stout 2nd Floor
Ferguson Pecan Brown 2nd Floor
Ferguson Oatmeal Stout 2nd Floor
Goose Island 312 2nd Floor
Goose Island Winter Ale 2nd Floor
Goose Island IPA 2nd Floor
Goose Island Green Line Pale Ale 2nd Floor
Griesedieck Bavarian Wheat 2nd Floor
Griesedieck Mild Pale Ale 2nd Floor
Kirkwood Brewer’s Choice-Draft 2nd Floor
Leaky Roof Berry Picker Mead 2nd Floor
Leaky Roof Mikado Mead 2nd Floor
Leaky Roof High, Dry & Dusty Mead 2nd Floor
Logboat Snapper IPA 2nd Floor
Logboat Marmoot Mild 2nd Floor
Logboat Barrel Aged Beer 2nd Floor
Main & Mill Galaxy IPA 2nd Floor
Main & Mill Rye Red 2nd Floor
Main & Mill Green Chile 2nd Floor
Main & Mill Orange Blossom Saison 2nd Floor
Main & Mill Caramel Coffee Stout 2nd Floor
Main & Mill Wee Heavy 2nd Floor
Main & Mill Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout 2nd Floor
Mark Twain Habaneri Apricot Wheat 2nd Floor
Mark Twain Jumping Frog IPA 2nd Floor
Mark Twain Kolsch 2nd Floor
Mark Twain Chocolate Coffee Stout 2nd Floor
Modern Brewery Citropolis 2nd Floor
Modern Brewery Odinson IPA 2nd Floor
Modern Brewery Arkham’s Finest Coffee Stout 2nd Floor
Morgan Street Pilsner 2nd Floor
Morgan Street Black Bear 2nd Floor
O’Fallon Wheach 2nd Floor
O’Fallon Zeke’s Pale Ale 2nd Floor
O’Fallon King Louie Stout 2nd Floor
Old Bakery Porter 2nd Floor
Old Bakery North End IPA 2nd Floor
Perennial-Saturday Only Saison de Lis 2nd Floor
Perennial-Saturday Only Southside Blonde 2nd Floor
Piney River Black Walnut Wheat 2nd Floor
Piney River Hot Date Ale 2nd Floor
Piney River-Bringing Masked Bandit IPA 2nd Floor
Piney River-Bringing Bronzeback Pale Ale 2nd Floor
Public House Cream Ale 2nd Floor
Public House Elusive IPA 2nd Floor
Public House Flynn’s Irish Red 2nd Floor
Schlafly Rel Farmhouse Il 2nd Floor
Schlafly Grapefruit IPA 2nd Floor

Six Mile Irish Red 2nd Floor
Six Mile Bavarian Hefeweizen 2nd Floor
Six Mile Winter Ale 2nd Floor
Square One Bavarian Weizen 2nd Floor
Square One IPA 2nd Floor
Square One Biscotti Brown 2nd Floor
Square One Maple Stout 2nd Floor
St. Nicholas-Saturday Only Blood Orange APA 2nd Floor
St. Nicholas-Saturday Only Wee Heavy 2nd Floor
Standard 2nd Floor
Standard 2nd Floor
Standard 2nd Floor
Tallgrass Saison 2nd Floor
Tallgrass Rope Ipa 6/4Pl 2nd Floor
Tallgrass Tooth Expr 2nd Floor
Tallgrass Variety 3/8Pk 2nd Floor
Tallgrass Vanilla Buffalo Sweat 2nd Floor
Urban Chestnut Zwickel 2nd Floor
Urban Chestnut Apotheosis 2nd Floor
Urban Chestnut Wolpertinger 2nd Floor
Urban Chestnut STIPA 2nd Floor
Wild Onion Carl’s Revenge Dry Hopped Cider 2nd Floor
Wild Onion Misfit IPA 2nd Floor
Wild Onion Hop Slayer Double IPA 2nd Floor
Civil Life Belgian Table Beer Dinner
Civil Life Angel & Sword Dinner
Civil Life American Brown Dinner
Civil Life Belgian Blond Dinner/Fest
Civil Life Burton Ale Dinner/Fest
Civil Life Big American Stout Dinner/Fest
4 Hands Absence of Light-PB Chocolate Milk Stout Local
4 Hands Incarnation IPA Local
4 Hands Devils Invention Local

2nd Shift Vanilla Cat Spit Stout VIP
2nd Shift Coffee LSD VIP
4 Hands Cuvee Diable VIP
Ace Space Cider VIP
Anima Anastasia VIP
Anima Leonardo VIP
Anima Newton VIP
Anima Dante VIP
Ballast Point Victory at Sea Imperial Porter VIP
Bells Double Cream Stout VIP
Boulevard Imperial Stout w/ Coconut VIP
Cathedral Square-Bringing Ava Maria VIP
Charleville-Bringing Box of Chocolates VIP
Chimay White-Triple VIP
Deschutes E-Hop VIP
Firestone Walker Opal VIP
Founders Mango Magnifico VIP
Goose Island BCS VIP
Goose Island Lolita VIP
Goose Island Matilda VIP
Hebrew Lennys VIP
Left Hand Bittersweet-Imperial Coffee Milk Stout VIP
MDV-Orval Trappist Ale VIP
MDV-Saison 1858 Saison 1858 – 25 VIP
New Belgium Eric’s Ale VIP
New Holland Dragons Milk-Chili VIP
North Coast Class of ’88 Barley Wine VIP
Ommegang Shadow Brewer Imperial Stout VIP
Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout VIP
Perennial Sump Coffee VIP
Rogue XS Dead Guy Ale VIP
Schlafly Barley Wine VIP
Schlafly Tripel VIP
Schlafly Grand Cru VIP
Seattle Cider Gin VIP
Southern Tier Chokalat VIP
Southern Tier Crème Brule VIP
Stone 12th Anniversary Stout VIP
Uinta Birthday Suit VIP
Woodchuck Whiskey Barrel Cherry VIP