Beer Dinner Menu 1st draft

February 01, 2013

Beer Dinner Menu 1st draft

Beer Dinner Update 2/1/13 :

Here is the 1st draft of the menu.  We met with Evan last week at the tasting bar and he graciously walked us through the beers while Tony bounced suggestions around the table.  Here is what we have so far…

Aubree-Belgian Amber

ABV: 4%, Bitterness Units: 20 IBU

Bruschetta w/duck prosciutto,figs and goat cheese. bruschetta w/fresh mozz, basil and grape tomatoes


Honey Weisen

ABV: 5.6%, Bitterness Units: 13.7 IBU

Rocket/roasted root vegetable/shaved foie gras/Roquefort/caramelized onions/Honey weisen vinaigrette


Belgian tripel

ABV: 8.7%, Bitterness Units: 35 IBU

Pan seared sea scallops/tomatoes/fennel/barley pilaf/Belgian triple reduction



ABV: 5.2% , Bitterness Units: 36.7 IBU

Dark choc & porter braised short ribs/asparagus/sun-dried cherry spoon-bread


Double IPA

ABV: 8.4%, Bitterness Units: 68 IBU

Tart tatin/bacon infused caramel/DIPA ice cream